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Our authentic Paellas are always cooked from scratch, fresh on site by our chef.  We use only the best quality ingredients, including traditional Calasparra rice and Spanish paprika, cooked in a tomato and white wine sauce with peppers and garlic and finished with fresh lemon. saffron, smoked paprika and rosemary. Whether you choose seafood, meat, vegetarian or mixed, this is a dish which will be sure to wow your guests. Additional side dishes can be added at an additional cost (please check our Sides menu).  Please note, that we can meet all dietary requirements.

Our packages below come with:

Your very own Paella Chef 

Essex Hog Roasts' Gazebo (3 x 3 metre) which is festooned with decorations and lights

Two serving tables & tablecloths

Paella Pan & Gas

Fresh Crusty French Stick & Butter

Mixed Green Leaf Salad

Eco friendly disposable plates and cutlery (China plates and linen napkins are available on request)


Chorizo, Chicken Breasts and Drumsticks and Pancetta

From £12 per person (minimum 60 people)


Fresh Mussels, Clams and King Prawns


From £13 per person (minimum 60 people)


Asparagus, Artichokes, Red Peppers, Butter Beans and Saffron

From £12 per person (minimum 60 people)


Chorizo, Chicken Breasts and Drumsticks, Fresh Mussels, King Prawns and Saffron

£15 per person (minimum 60 people)

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